Pre-construction, Project Management, Owner's Representation, General Contracting, Sustainability.

As a construction expert with over 10 years’ experience working on high profile, $1M-$75M projects for various commercial and residential general contractors in the Calgary and Bow Valley area, Steve Ashton, director of ACS, has a good track record of achieving success for project stakeholders and project teams.  Steve is looking to bring back the quality and client driven service that this fast paced and overwhelmingly busy industry has in some cases left behind. 

ACS understands the nuances and comprehensive tasks it takes to get your project out of the ground.  Whether you are looking for owner representation, pre-construction services including budgeting and feasibility studies and design coordination to commercial and residential project management and general contracting, ACS is committed to providing first rate service that all clients can count on.  

ACS was incorporated on October 21st, 2014 with Steve Ashton as the sole director and shareholder.  ACS was formed because Steve saw a need in Canmore and the Calgary area for quality project management and construction services.  Steve has over 10 years’ experience in the construction industry operating at various capacities.  ACS and Steve Ashton have a solid reputation among local design professionals, suppliers and subcontractors.  ACS is in good standing with our professional associations (including ASET), insurer, WCB, financial institution and the jurisdictions having authority such as the Town of Canmore, provincial and federal government.  ACS does not have any judgements, claims or suits pending or outstanding and has not been involved in any bankruptcy or reorganization process and has not been a part of any legal proceedings in its history.  

 Environment/Safety/Quality and Project Delivery Process

ACS also understands the importance of the environment and the need for sustainable construction practises.  Steve Ashton has been personally involved in delivering 2 - LEED Gold commercial projects and 1 – BuiltGreen Silver home to clients.  Steve Ashton and ACS are current members of the CaGCB (Canadian Green Building Council) and are an approved BuiltGreen builder.  

ACS also takes health and safety very seriously.  Steve Ashton has achieved the designation of N.C.S.O. (national construction safety officer) though extensive training obtained at the Calgary Construction Safety Association.  This level of training allows Steve to understand the stringent requirements required by law to help effectively manage health and safety on a variety of construction project delivery types.  ACS believe that safety culture starts at the top of any organization.

ACS understands that in order to deliver complex projects with multiple subcontractors and suppliers on time and on budget, a proactive project delivery approach involving constant supervision, QA/QC management and in depth scheduling is required.   ACS utilizes industry standard methodologies, programs and procedures and our in tune technical skills, training and experience at all stages of the construction process.

ACS and Steve Ashton’s experience also bring a very strong understanding of project costs, estimating and procurement.  Steve has a deep understanding of all aspects of project budgeting, tendering and costing as well as contract negotiation, buy out and contract award.  ACS utilizes standard construction contracts including CCDC and CCA documents on most projects and strongly believes in organization, proper filing and paper control.

Below is a sample of some specific areas of expertise that ACS brings to the table;

1)      Preconstruction services including organization of preconstruction team meetings, budgeting and design coordination.  

2)      Project planning including set up of site staging and execution plans, site specific safety programs, environmental management plans (ECO) and LEED programs as required.

3)      Project Tendering and contract review, negotiation and award.

4)      General contractor short listing and review of proposals in response to RFP and RFQ’s.  ACS has experience in preparing RFP and RFQ documents. 

5)      Coordination and set up site surveying programs, quality control and monitoring programs per project specific requirements and client needs. 

6)      Liaison between owners, designers, stakeholders and contractors

7)      Construction site monitoring, review and reporting. 

8)      Post construction services including inspections, deficiency completions and monitoring during warranty periods.