ACS Services

Pre-construction Services

Partner with us sooner to ensure higher-quality results for your project.

Benefit from our expertise before your project starts. Our pre-construction services allow for greater project efficiencies. We also engage stakeholders earlier on. Our integrated approach to pre-construction services provides sound commercial construction advice, while also allowing our team to take control of the project early on.  

Our pre-construction services include coordinating team meetings, studying drawings, planning detailed costings, creating timeline projections, as well as collaborating with architects and designers. We ensure the right people are involved at the right time, helping to save you time and money.

If you have some experience with construction projects, you already understand the value of pre-construction services. If you’re new to construction and unsure where to start, we also help with feasibility studies and other pre-construction queries.

Our team is experienced at working with all the relevant authorities that have jurisdiction over construction projects, such as municipalities, the provincial government, the federal government, parks, landlords, and landowners. We ensure that all the appropriate and correct permits, for all aspects of your project, are applied for and in place prior to construction. Allow our team of professionals to take care of this sometimes complicated hurdle in the construction process for you.

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