Job Resource Centre, Banff

Location: Banff, Alberta

Size: 1,800 sq. ft.

Value: $115,000

Date: 2019

Client: Michel Dufresne 


  • Nest Design & Drafting Studio

  • Compass Design Co.

ACS worked as the construction manager to help transform Job Resource Centre’s existing space in downtown Banff from a bar into a newly renovated office space. The team had fun creating functional shared public-use spaces, a reception area, personal offices, and a meeting room.

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The work was conducted in a timely manner (2.5 months), and so I was able to meet my moving schedule. It was completed on budget. Prior to starting the project, I was able to meet and work with a couple of designers, we walked the space and strategized on moving forward. The floor plan ensured to maximize the space that we have, and the office looks great with beautiful colours, touches, and millwork.

Michel Dufresne, Job Resource Centre

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